Rain of Blessings


“Trees grow out of my body
I'm not sure if I planted them
or if they planted me"
- Ryan Van Lenning -


On the cusp of the Autumn Equinox, I met with a group of women at our local park between two impressive Cedar of Lebanon trees, for a mini-workshop entitled 'Women in Nature'.

The morning was an opportunity for us to gather to meditate and write within the presence of these beautiful trees, using nature as our inspirational guide.

The Cedar of Lebanon is a magnificent cone-producing evergreen that can grow to 120 feet tall. Their branches spread straight out from the trunk and can often measure between 20-50 feet.

When planning for the session some time ago, the trees had called to me - it was akin to the game of hide and seek - feeling warmer / cooler depending on where I walked! Tree energy is pretty awesome when you allow yourself the time and space to tune in to it.

August had been the original month of choice for this particular session, but we had some very unexpected stormy weather and high winds at the time of the original date, and it had to be postponed.

This time we had super sunshine in the lead-up to the day, changing the night before to heavy downpours. I petitioned the weather divas and they responded. The rain eased and we were blessed with warm sunshine for the duration of our time together.


Meditating and relaxing beneath a tree is rather special. What made this even more so was periodically, the tree dripped its translucent resin. Every now and then there'd be a gentle 'drop' and there'd be this sticky, aromatic droplet. It felt as if the tree itself was anointing us - a real rain of blessings.

Another aim of the morning was to raise funds for TreeSisters. Having had the Climate Change strike on the Friday before, I'd felt somewhat at odds with the fact that I couldn't really risk not attending work for the day to show my support.

For those of us keen to raise awareness of the crisis we are not only facing, but experiencing, we need to use our voices in a way that's right for us. Peaceful protest appeals more to me, and this offered a timely opportunity to talk openly about how we feel about the destruction of our world, rather than feeling paralysed by it.

As a result, we donated the equivalent of 67 trees which will be planted. In my mind that constitutes a great outcome for a morning!

The quote at the top of this piece comes from RE-MEMBERING - Poems of Earth and Soul by Ryan Van Lenning

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