Motivation in Meditation

Life occurs at the very tip of motivation – Joseph Goldstein

Last week was the first session of the year in supporting others to get started with a meditation experience – Meditation – Practice Made Simple.
The main focus to begin with is that of knowing why you want to meditate.  This comes down to motivation.
Unusual to see motivation ahead of methods of practice perhaps, but really, it is essential in order to have a chance of creating a practice and being able to maintain it.
Maybe we don’t consider why we do most things we do in any one day.  Perhaps if we were to take time to think about certain practices, we would either be able to reaffirm their usefulness, or, maybe, dispense with them entirely.
In his book, The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion, Christopher Germer talks of a patient who was trying desperately to feel better, yet despite many strategies, hadn’t found anything that would work for her.  He goes on to say...

“That’s not because she was a lost cause – far from it – rather because all well-intentioned strategies are destined to fail.  It’s not the fault of the techniques, nor is it the fault of the person who wants to feel better.  The problem lies in our motivation...”

We need to be familiar with our intentions behind our actions.
Lodro Rinzler writes in, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar...
“...we begin to understand what drives us to do certain things.  Getting back together with an ex may not have much to do with giving them another chance, but more to do with not wanting to feel lonely anymore.  Switching careers may be a way to breathe fresh air into our daily routine, but it could also be an escape from a difficult boss.  When we catch ourselves about to step into painful or pleasurable situations, we can reflect on our motivation.”

What was your motivation today?

Next month...discovering ‘Yak Mind’ and so much more.  Full details and booking can be found here:  Meditation – Practice Made Simple

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